DAGUERRE COLLECTION -- Whats This All About?

CHELE by Caleb Wilson
CHELE is the MENS/Unisex Line of Haati Chai.

Caleb Wilson, better known as a photographer & director.
In his perception every photographer considers their camera and equipment as their weapons as they capture the world the way they see it. Until now any cases or carrying bags for cameras and equipment have never been designed in such fashionable approach.
After numerous prototype designs the DAGUERRE COLLECTION 2012 has finally launched.
Scientist Louis Daguerre was the first scientist to capture the first commercial photographic image. Prior to him, his predecessors all captured images for scientific research purposes. Daguerre is the reason why photography is considered the art it is today. Hence the name DAGUERRE.
Although the custom holsters are designed specifically for Photography. They are for everyone, and their are specific ad ons for photographers.

Complementing jewelry accenting the rugged, ergonomic feel are also apart of Chele by Caleb Wilson.